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tirsdag, 6. februar kl. 17.00   The Fountain for Suzanne (1985)
tirsdag, 20. februar kl. 17.00   Night Riders (1981)
tirsdag, 6. mars kl. 17.00 The Assistant (1981)
tirsdag, 20. mars kl. 17.00 The Southern Mail (1987)
tirsdag, 3. april kl. 17.00 She Kept Crying for the Moon (1982)
tirsdag, 17. april kl. 17.00 Another Love (1985)
onsdag, 2. mai kl. 17.00 I Love, You Love (1980)
tirsdag, 15. mai kl. 17.00 Only a Day (1988)
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She Kept Crying for the Moon (1982)
Pásla kone na betóne

A tragicomic story from a rural setting was based on the collection of short stories by Milka Zimková, who was also cast in the lead role. The lives of Johana Ovšená and her illegitimate daughter Pavlína seem to copy each other. Johana, a single mother, watches her daughter make the same mistake as she herself made in the past. The makers of the film had very good knowledge of village life. Štefan Uher's film is an authentic picture of the way of life, regional traditions, and mentality of people from the eastern Slovakia.
director: Štefan Uher
actors: Milka Zimková, Veronika Jeníková, Lubomír Pavlovic, Peter Staník

Another Love (1985)
Iná láska

A story of a young student of medicine, who arrives in a small mountain village after being accused for carrying out illegal abortion. The film reflects the moral decline of the society, where stealing in secret and making compromises against one's beliefs make up mundane reality. The filmmakers went to perhaps the furthest possible limits in terms of allowed social criticism in the 1980s. The negative picture is enhanced by its rural setting, since the Slovak village had been traditionally associated with strict moral and conservative values.
director: Dušan Trancík
actors: Maroš Kramár, Györgyi Cserhalmi, Zlata Adamovská

I Love, You Love (1980)
Ja milujem, ty miluješ

A tragicomic film about people from the social periphery. Director Dušan Hanák portrayed his characters with a sensitive understanding, without romanticizing. That was also why the film, similarly to Hanák's previous works 322 and Pictures of the Old World, ended up on a shelf until 1988. Impressive performances are given by Czech actress Iva Janžurová, Polish actor Roman Klosowski and Serbian actor Milan Jelic. In 1989 the film won a Silver Bear for best directing from IFF Berlin.
director: Dušan Hanák
actors: Roman Klosowski, Iva Janžurová, Milan Jelic, Milada Jezková

Only a Day (1988)
Iba den

A joint work of three debuting directors. I tis a film about former rock musicians, members of a banned rock band. The friends were forced to replace their ideals by settled family lives and ordinary jobs. When their former lead singer has to go to hospital for therapy, they geta n unexpected opportunity to play together again and recall the old times. The day when all needs to be arranged for the performance is a full of small lies, compromises, and morally doubtful decisions.
directors: Michal Ruttkay, Vladimír Štric, Kvetoslav Hecko
actors: Pavel Zednícek, Miroslav Donutil, Jaroslav Filip, Radomír Tvrdý

The Fountain for Suzanne (1985)
Fontána pre Zuzanu

The second full-length film of director Dušan Rapoš. It was based on Eleonóra Gašparová's novel of the same title. The director tells a story about the life and troubles of young people living in the city. The teenagers have to face real life, make their first major decisions, and learn that romance sometimes brings disappointment. The original Slovak music composed for the film by Vašo Patejdl contributed greatly to the film's atmosphere. It helped to make the Fountain for Suzanne a legendary picture of Slovak cinematography at the time.
director: Dušan Rapoš
actors: Eva Vejmelková, Jirí Bábek, Katarína Šugarová

Night Riders (1981)
Nocní jazdci

Two men of principle face each other. One is backed by a whole, however poor, village, the other by the law. It is a conflict that reaches its climax in the closing shoot-out. Instead of the Wild West, the gunshots go off on the Slovak-Polish border. Michal Docolomanský as the horse smuggler and Radoslav Brzobohatý as the custom officer from Prague meet in Holly´s Night Riders in a western like confrontation set in the insecure years of the newly founded Czechoslovak Republic.
director: Martin Hollý
actors: Michal Docolomanský, Radoslav Brzobohatý

The Assistant (1981)

A story of a family that after WWII moved to the south of Slovakia and acquired a prosperous butcher business left behind by a Hungarian emigrant. From the previous owner, the family also inherited a self-assured, greedy assistant who does not like to observe any firm moral principles. He assists the family in gaining wealth but in the long run, he causes the family´s moral dissolution. In his most successful feature film, director Zoro Záhon combined a complex drama with excellent acting performances, especially that of Hungarian actor Gábor Koncz in the lead role.
director: Zoro Záhon
actors: Gábor Koncz

The Southern Mail (1987)
Južná pošta

After The Assistant, The Southern Mail is the second novel of Ladislav Ballek to be adapted to the movie screen. I tis set in a fictitious border town in the south of Slovakia shortly after WWII, when the new state borders were just drawn on the maps. The recollection of a forty-year-old author about his childhood take us back to the 1940s. We see the uncertain times, the conflicts, and the colourful characters of the multi-cultural region of Southern Slovakia through the wondering eyes of a five-year-old boy.
director: Stanislav Párnický
actors: Peter Zeman, Jirí Bartoška, Magda Vašáryová, Pavol Mikulík

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